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A few more reasons to trust the horse bedding experts.

Horse bedding, whether pine shavings or pine pellets is one of the greatest expenses for any horse farm owner. As stable owners ourselves, we recognize the importance of reducing animal bedding costs while maintaining the level of horse care and cost management you require. From manufacturer to manufacturer, wood shavings and wood pellets are not created equal. Year after year, we remain committed to providing the highest quality horse bedding options at the best possible prices.



Mini Flake Pine Shaving
Swift Pick Pine Mini-Flake horse bedding.

Incredibly Clean!
The original mini flake pine shaving. Perfect for horse and other animal bedding. Precision textured for easy picking, kiln dried for extra absorbency! Many brands have started to call their products "easy to pick" but the fiber isn't small enough to really sift through the fork. We use our products in our barns every day -we have produced a true, absorbent, siftable yet very low dust pine shaving. Amazing!

Click here to see how easy our Swift Pick mini flake sifts.

Click here to compare our Gold Standard small flake – also easy to pick.

Small Flake Pine Shaving
Guardian Gold Standard™ Small Flake

A small pine flake that offers incredible absorbency and siftability but with the aesthetic of a true shaving. More siftable than Premium Flake™, more volume than Swift Pick™ mini flake, our Gold Standard™ small flake shaving is the best of both worlds. When a clean, high volume wood shaving is just as important as functionality - consider Guardian Gold! Multi-screened to control dust leaving only the clean, beautiful, functional small pine flakes. This is a highly compressed bag that expands to an incredible volume! Another High Quality Guardian wood shaving at an affordable price.

Click here to see how easy our Gold Standard small flake sifts.

Click here to compare our Swift Pick mini flake – also easy to pick.

Traditional Flake Pine Shaving
Guardian Premium Flake Pine Shaving

The perfect blend. A touch of small flake pine for maximum absorbency and ammonia control along with our soft, high volume medium flake shaving. Multi screened to control dust and remove any large pieces leaving only the clean, beautiful, functional pine flakes in our fiber mix. This is a highly compressed bag that expands to an incredible volume!

A truly high quality shaving at a very reasonable price. Our Premium Flake Pine Shaving is a popular flake at some of the equestrian world’s most discerning show facilities, veterinarian clinics, breeding farms, and for the equine traditionalist.

Click here to see our Premium Flake video.

Kiln Dried!

With 10 N. American horse bedding / pine shaving plants, we are able to serve most areas of the U.S. as well as international destinations at a reasonable delivered price. The same high quality, closely monitored manufacturing process is used at every Guardian Horse Bedding plant providing the consistency that is so important to every horse owner: texture, low dust, functional, clean, safe and beautiful wood shavings and pine pellet products that you can count on every time.

We use our horse bedding products in our own horse stalls every day. We are confident no matter what you or your customers require, we manufacture the perfect horse bedding.

Don't sacrifice quality for price!  You and your horse deserve better

We have known for many years that pine bedding has offered the benefit of mosquito repellent, but to read a recent publication by the U.S. Department of Agriculture regarding a related study, click here.

Pine Pellet Bedding
Pelleted Pine Mini Flake Horse Bedding


Our pelletized mini-flake pine shaving will reduce consumption and disposal by up to 70%. Great for horses with allergies! Great for the bottom line. Cut your barn cost and bed on the most efficient product for horse stalls. All pellets are not created equal. Learn more - please read more about our pine pellet horse bedding.

Our proprietary UHCBS³ fiber binding technology produces the lowest dust, high absorbency formula in an animal bedding pellet. This unique process triple screens and high heat treats the pine fibers so they are clean, resilient, absorbent and long lasting under the weight of a horse.

The guardian horse bedding pine pellet will drastically reduce odors caused by ammonia and solids. The manure is essentially “dehydrated” by our pine fiber to reduce odor and stain causing moisture.

Great as a base under any of our shavings as well.

A pelletized mini-flake pine shaving that will reduce consumption and disposal substantially.  Great for horses with allergies! Can cut your barn costs in 1/2. All pellets are not created equal. Please read more about our pellet horse bedding.

Click here for Pine Pellet Bedding video #1
Click here for Pine Pellet Bedding video #2
Step-by-step instructions for using our pellets!

Take control of barn management costs

with Our Premium Pine Horse Bedding Products and control:

  • Bedding Consumption
  • Disposal Levels
  • Operating Expenses
  • Barn Environment
  • Horse Health
  • Compost Quality
  • Stall Cleaning Time

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Shavings shown in our ultra-compressed square bags.

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This is incredible! We have packaged our shavings in a high compression space saving bag. What does that mean to you? With the soaring cost of fuel, trucking costs have greatly impacted the delivered price of your bedding either to your farm or the store.

With our high compression bag, we actually pack more shavings into our "smaller" finished size bag than other brands put in their larger, cumbersome bag. You'll get 1260 bags on every semi we ship to you! This is 15 - 20% more bags on the truck than other brands. You get more shavings overall and save money on every bag. What could make more sense? Give us a call 1-866-962-4686 or send us an email. We would be happy to quote a truckload of our superior horse bedding products delivered right to your farm or your store!

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