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Goliath, the world's largest horse loves Guardian Horse Bedding!

Here he is visiting our friends at Farm Depot in Hattiesburg, MS.



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Metzgerís Country Store LLC

6791 Shelbyville Road
Simpsonville, Kentucky 40067
Fax: 502-722-8861

Owners: Charlie Metzger, Gary Metzger, Susan Metzger, Diana Metzger, Michael Metzger

May 26, 2004

Claire Brant
Guardian Horse Bedding
8179-1 Starwood Drive
Loves Park, IL 61111

Dear Claire,

I am sorry for the long delay in sending you this thank-you for attending and being part of our new store grand opening the week of April 19th, 2004. Our customers are very excited about your product (Guardian Horse Bedding). We have carried many of the different pellet beddings over the last 4 years, but have found that Guardian is by far the best we have carried. Our customers tell of better break down of the pellets, low dust, and the way it holds the odors down in the stalls. We not only get this information from our customers, but from personal use as well. As you have probably noticed, not only our truck load orders have increased, but the use and sale of Swift Pick has gone up as well. This is a great product not only year round, but especially in the winter. Again many thanks for helping us and the continued service you have given us.

Gary Metzger



Cherry Valley Feed & Supplies, Inc.

1595 S. Bell School Road
Cherry Valley, Illinois 61016

May 20, 2004

Guardian Horse Bedding
8179-1 Starwood Drive
Rockford, Illinois 61111

Attn: Claire Brant

I wanted to drop a note to let you know what our customers are saying about Guardian. As you know, we carried other brands of pellet bedding in the past, and our customers are extremely happy with Guardian.

The pellet bedding does not require much room for storage, a good thing for many of our customers, because they donít have a lot of extra room in their barns. It is highly absorbent and they all report that it has greatly reduced their disposal.

We have been very happy with the sales of Swift Pick Shavings. The size is so uniform, almost dust free, but still absorbs well. This is exactly what our customers tell us they are looking for and we can now provide it. Other brands seem to come out with finer particles, but there is always a dust issue then. I donít know how you do it, but you have been able to provide a uniform, small, absorbent shaving but without the dust.

Carrying Guardian bedding along with traditional bedding has set us aside from other retailers and provides our customers with the product they are looking for.


Bob Kramer




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