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State of Dee Heart- 2004 World's Best Appaloosa

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Owned by Dr. Ed and Missy Millhouse of Stillwater, MN
Trained by Jim and Sandy Jirkovsky of Kearney, NE


We have been using Guardian Wood Pellets for over a year now and would never consider switching back to shavings.  We own and operate a 50 stall training barn and have experienced reduced expenses not only in the bedding, but in disposal as well.  Our waste has been cut almost in half and stall cleaning is much easier and faster.  If saving time and money is important to you then you need to try Guardian Wood Pellets.  We are a very satisfied customer and invite your inquiries regarding this product.

Jim and Sandy Jirkovsky
J Bar S Training
2446 Cottonmill Ave.
Kearney, NE  68845


Monte Anderman on Dancin With Sol
Sun Country Circuit, Scottsdale, AZ
January 2004


Guardian pellets have helped us to provide our horses with a very good bed, after all that is what bedding is!

The pellets are fast and easy to pick, and have saved us in both labor and disposal costs.

I would sure hate to go back to traditional wood shavings.

Monte Anderman
Cannon River Ranches
River Falls, WI


Thank you. I totally love your product. I have a few horses that just can't keep their stalls dry. Your product does the trick.
Security Step and Kimberly
Imperial, PA


I have actually had the experience of using Guardian Horse Bedding myself. I am currently employed at the Fort Erie Race Track as a groom, in a stable with 19 racehorses, 3 of which are currently using this bedding, either for breathing related problems to the straw the others use (the reason I have one of the horses I look after on it) or to keep the dust down in the stall for our horses that we know have a bleeding problem. Our stall floors in the shed row are clay-based. Originally we were using "another brand", which while effective, seemed a little dustier than I liked, and I really don't like the smell. I often commented that I felt I was "cleaning a giant cat litter box." Then one day, instead of getting a shipment of the "other brand" pellets, we were given your product instead, and I like it MUCH better. The smell is much nicer, I feel I'm cleaning a horse stall again, my horse seems happier and is eating his hay instead of using it for bedding (a new trend since switching to "the other brand"), is all-around cleaner (no more manure stains to scrub off in the morning), and it's fluffier, which means the sores on his hocks are starting to heal.

Now, I have no worries, and will be changing the stalls of my personal horses over very soon, if not this weekend.
Thanks again for the info,


I have tried several brands of pellets for horse bedding. While I have always thought the concept was very good, everything was so dusty I would end up back with regular shavings. I tried your bedding at a show and realized it was so different from the others. Your price ends up actually better then the others too.

Carol B.
Carbondale, Illinois


Mr. Brant:

We got a pallet of your Guardian pelleted bedding from C&C Feeds in Winterset Iowa and must tell you how happy we are with the bedding!!! It is so much better to clean. Love the clean smell and ease of maintaining the stalls.

Thank you so much for a great product!


Norma Mai
Princeton, MO


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