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We just finished our test. We tried the big stuff, got a couple of bags at Big R in Lincoln, IL. I have no idea who would want to use that : ), I really liked the stuff you sent, the Gold Standard, worked well with the stall skins but after having used Swift Pick, oh well, we're going to stay with that. It's the greatest stuff ever made.

Thanks a bunch for your help!
Marlene Melvin
Manito, IL



I think the Guardian pelleted bedding is the best I have every used.

Your product is so superior to the usual bedding we are stuck buying! It is especially perfect for Houston.

Stephanie Falzone and Cresent’s Dell Rube DC- better known as “Houston”.



Abby and Jenny (Doubletake Equestrian) with two of their clients.



Some time has passed since we started using GHB pellets. We are amazed and our clients are amazed at the ease of clean-up and the minimal bedding waste involved in the cleaning process. Everyone loves to see the bags 'poof up'. All our hock sores are gone. We started with 2 experimental stalls and within 4 days we had replaced every one (17) with the 'good stuff'! We are so satisfied with our trial run that we are hooked.

We will be expanding to 60 stalls and can already see the savings over other methods. Our good guess is that we are saving 40% on product cost alone and another 25% on longer stall life. Add that to the medical savings--we are in 10x12 stalls with poor ventilation--and we have saved money and immediately improved our horse's quality of life.

We have just starting building our own facility on 15 acres. GHB will be our only bedding choice. Every client is convinced. I just hope we can be a dealer someday! We are certainly true believers.

Thank you Claire for all your help and encouragement.

Tucson, AZ


We have been cat breeders for a number of years now and have tried a number of litters. We can not use the clay due to my wife's allergies and have been using your product for 4 years now. It has worked the best in controlling the odor of our studs.

**Starztetsu - is GC, RW Mauraj StarzNSpotz4Ever of Katiche


It also eliminates dust through the house and many pet buyers have commented that our house does not smell like "cat" like many others do. We credit that to your product for controlling the ammonia smell and ease of clean up. We recommend your product to many breeders and pet buyers as we feel your product out performs the best cat litter on the market.

Thank you for your product!

David & Stephanie Walkley
Mauraj Egyptian Maus


Winsome's Big Kahuna-Red/White, Coronet

Winsome's Emmett- Tortoise Shell and White, Peruvian


Having been a breeder and exhibitor of Cavies (pronounced K-V's, Guinea pigs) since the early 80's, I can tell you that, good shavings are hard to find. It took many different brands with trial and error to finally find a shavings product that is 100% pine and affordable! Many other brands say they are pine, but in using those products it is clear they are not 100% pine. Some companies products do not live up to what the representatives say. We have been using Guardian Gold Flakes and couldn't be happier. 100% pine, no dust, and larger flakes. They make cleaning much faster, less physical (due to the weight of other shavings), and there is practically no odor between cleanings.

We have a breeding herd of about 100 plus at any given time, and we want to keep them clean, dry and happy. We recommend Guardian's Gold Flake shavings to anyone who will listen; whether we are at shows, home, or traveling. Thanks to Jon Brant and Guardian, we now have a great supply of high quality, low cost pine shavings.


Leslie Mullins
Winsome Caviary
Toledo, OH


We just completed a 6 month cost study using Guardian Horse Bedding for our Board of Directors with the following results:

1: 48% actual cost savings over conventional shavings.
2: Labor savings hard to quantify, but all personnel say they spend much less time cleaning/bedding stalls - so estimate 50% labor savings.
3: We used to fill 2 manure spreader wagons during cleaning, now we only fill

Calloway Hills Farm


I use Guardian Swift Pick Shavings. I have never had shavings that were so low in dust, but still easy to pick. I use half the amount of bedding I used to use. I am saving about 40% on my bedding costs. I use a dumpster for my manure. I am saving over $70.00 per month in dumpster fees alone. I am so glad I found Guardian.
Sarah Christensen
Huntingburg, IL


I just thought I would let you know that I don’t use Guardian Horse Bedding for horses. I have around 30 cats, and for years I was disgusted with cat litters. The dust sifted everywhere, it was really heavy to dispose of, it never really controlled odor well, and the dust bothered my lungs. I hated it. Then a “horsey” friend told me about Guardian Horse Bedding. It is wonderful for horses, of course, so why not for cats? In fact, her barn cats love it! I went to a feed store that carries your product, and the lady working there told me that she deals with a number of people who have multiple cats (50, 80 and up) and they use Guardian Horse Bedding. It’s been a miracle! Absolutely no dust in my house or my lungs! It’s more absorbent than clay cat litter, and the pine must really kill odor! No more odor!

Guardian Horse Bedding has saved me half on my litter bills every month. There are a lot of cat people out there! They don’t have to have dozens of cats to love your product. I have gotten family members and friends hooked on your product, and they only have 2—4 cats at each household. They love it too! I’m spreading the word!
Norma Ruffing, Pennsylvania


I want you to know that Guardian Horse Bedding is the best bedding I have ever used. It makes clean up quicker, cleaner, and better smelling. I also use it when I go on my Competitive Trail Rides. My horse stays tied to the trailer for three nights so I use Guardian bedding under him and he no longer has to stand on the wet ground. Plus Guardian does not blow away like other bedding.
Thank you and I hope you have great success.
Gerri McIntyre, Nebraska


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