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Do you want to become an authorized dealer of the most
recognized brand of
in the U.S.?

Our website receives over 1 million visitors each month. As an authorized dealer, you will be listed
on our Where to Buy Horse Bedding page!

If you are ready to become a Guardian Horse Bedding™ dealer, please e-mail us, call 866-962-4686, or download the Dealer Forms , complete them and mail or fax to 815-885-4286.
(Be sure to fill out both the Dealer Profile and the Credit Application or the payment options page.)

If you would like more information about our Guardian Horse Bedding™ dealer program and the benefits of partnering with a nationally recognized and marketed brand, please send us an email.

All information will remain confidential and will not be provided for any use other than as qualification for dealer status.

Also available through these fine distributors:

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We produce three pine shaving products with varying fiber size blends as well as our premium pine pellet bedding and now, our newest addition Guardian Angel Small Animal Litter. This is a great opportunity to offer the variety of products that today’s bedding consumer is looking for, but manage your inventory dollars closely at the same time. By offering variety, we are confident you can satisfy every customer that walks through your door.

As one of the nation’s largest producers of high quality bedding products, we can guarantee inventory on the ground ready to ship when you need it. Our shavings are high heat treated for maximum absorbency, triple screened to reduce dust and packaged using our state of the art high densification equipment. The end result is a package that is neat, clean and protects the bedding from exposure or contamination.


Our distribution network continues to grow everyday (see letters from our dealers). Guardian Horse Bedding™ currently ships from our ten North American plants. Our pellet and wood shaving plants are strategically placed to provide the best price delivered to North America. Our logistics department will work to find the most cost effective way to ship your load of animal bedding. Another reason we can offer our superior horse bedding products at such reasonable prices!

Guardian Horse Bedding™ ships pine shavings and wood pellets via full semi load to our dealers throughout North America. A pallet jack and forklift ( or dock) will be needed to offload our horse bedding. Guardian Horse Bedding™ will ship palletized, stretch wrapped and covered with heavy plastic shrouds. This allows for convenient outdoor storage if necessary.




Made in the U.S.A.

Guardian Horse Bedding: info@guardianhorsebedding.com

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