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As a leader in the animal bedding industry, Guardian Horse Bedding is always working on ways to improve our existing product line and in development of new products that provide health and financial benefit to our customers and their animals. While others have attempted to mirror our animal bedding products you can rest assured that we are always several steps ahead of our competitors in development and innovation of new products and marketing programs to provide support to our farms, retailers and their customers. We welcome requests, recommendations, input and anecdotes from our customers and hope you will communicate your thoughts to us at any time.

Guardian Horse Bedding is a product of Equustock, LLC and Equustock Canada, LLC. (Read more about Guardian here). We manufacture our horse bedding products in Canada and the U.S. As owners of Equustock, LLC we are also horse and farm owners, and have been providing horse bedding to customers in North America for many years. During this time, extensive research in our own equestrian facilities and other test facility horse stalls throughout the country has led us to the pine bedding products we are proud to manufacture today. Through research of animal bedding manufacturing methods and extensive field testing, Equustock, LLC has developed four premium bedding products: Guardian Condensed Pine Pellets, Premium Flake Shavings, Gold Standard Small Flake, and Guardian Swift Pick Mini-flake wood shavings. Additionally, our new product line includes Guardian Angel small animal litter. You can visit our Guardian Angel website at www.guardianlitter.com.

The Guardian Horse Bedding condensed Pine Pellet Bedding, Swift Pick Pine Shavings and Gold Standard small flake pine shavings provide benefits not found in other horse bedding choices on the market today. We have carefully selected the raw material and improved the manufacturing process to ensure clean, consistent, long lasting softwood bedding. Our Premium Flake is for the facility owner that prefers a traditional flake shaving that is a beautiful, high volume wood shaving but very functional at the same time. Ideal for shows, our flake shavings are manufactured at our Alabama , Missouri and Virginia plants and is affordably shipped within about 700 miles radius around our plants, as well as for export.

Concerns ranging from dust levels in many equine bedding products, respiratory health and allergens, improper drying methods, improper volume labeling and monitoring, as well as quality customer service, timely shipping and affordable pricing have evolved into the superior horse bedding products we at Guardian Horse Bedding offer today.

We hope to educate the consumer about equine and livestock bedding issues that should concern them, and about developing concerns including emerging disposal reduction legislation throughout the country. Our Swift Pick Mini-flake, Gold Standard small flake wood shavings and our Premium Pine Pellet Horse Bedding provide the opportunity to lower disposal volumes by up to 50%. Additionally, the products themselves are developed as a healthy and environmentally conscious alternative to other bedding products. (view our environmental policy.)

Our distribution network continues to grow every day. We are actively pursuing distribution throughout the United States, Canada and around the world. With nine regional plants and several distribution centers throughout North America, our in house logistics department offers reasonable transportation costs throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and abroad.

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